Monday, March 1, 2010

Dancing with the talentless, washed-up, "All I need are 15 more minutes of fame" has beens

I never have watched "Dancing With the Stars" and judging by the line-up for the up-coming season I won't be watching again this time around. If talentless, washed-up, "All I need are 15 more minutes of fame" has beens is what they wanted, then they scored a huge slam dunk.

This is from the Marquee Blog written by staffer James Dinan

"The 10th edition of "Dancing with the Stars" gets under way in three weeks, and now we know who will be hoofing it up for the prestigious Mirrorball Trophy.

Pamela Anderson - the "Baywatch" babe has found some honest work. Good for her.

Chad Ochocinco – the NFL wide receiver is known for his elaborate post-touchdown celebrations. Perhaps he's running out of ideas, and needed to consult the history of dance for his next TD jig.

Aiden Turner - he's British, he's named Aiden, and he plays a guy named "Aidan" on the ABC soap "All My Children." Never heard of him.

Erin Andrews - the ESPN personality hopes to last on the show longer than colleague Kenny Mayne, who was the first contestant eliminated in the early 2006 tournament.

Shannen Doherty - will the anti-Brenda fan clubs return from their slumber over this?

Buzz Aldrin - he was the second man to walk on the moon, and he's 80 years young! I think we have our sentimental favorite for this tournament.

Niecy Nash - will she last longer here than her Fox sitcom "Do Not Disturb", which lasted all of three episodes in 2008?

Nicole Scherzinger - she fronts the Pussycat Dolls, but that group's style of dance is a tad, er, different than what's on DWTS.

Evan Lysacek - no rest for the current Olympic men's figure skating gold medalist.

Kate Gosselin - DWTS day care services could be quite crowded come tape days.

Jake Pavelka - shouldn't he be preparing for a wedding?"

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