Thursday, March 4, 2010

No Hugo Boss at this years Oscars!

When you sell high-end fashion like Hugo Boss suits, you can afford to pay decent wages to the people who make them. But Hugo Boss is stuck in the 20th Century. They say they need to shut down their U.S. suit factory in Cleveland and fire more than 300 workers. They say they want to make suits more cheaply in Turkey or Eastern Europe. They don’t even claim the Cleveland factory is losing money -- they just say they need to make a bit more money. Please.

That's why Danny Glover is asking stars NOT to wear Hugo Boss on the red carpet -- and show their solidarity with workers with a pin on their lapels.

From the Marquee Blog @

Danny Glover has called on Hollywood to make a fashion statement at the Oscars on Sunday by not donning any Hugo Boss, choosing instead to wear a pin that shows solidarity with the hundreds of men and women who are soon to be out of work at a Hugo Boss factory near Cleveland, Ohio.

In a letter sent to Hollywood insiders and Oscar attendees, Glover wrote, "Hugo
Boss suits have been a favorite at the Oscars for decades, and for years, Hugo Boss has been making high-quality suits at a factory near Cleveland.

But over the winter holidays, Hugo Boss sent letters to those dedicated employees saying that they would no longer have jobs by April." Glover went on, "the workers are productive and the plant is profitable. But Hugo Boss has decided that it can make more profit by moving production to Turkey or Eastern Europe."

George Clooney, Jeremy Renner, Jeff Bridges, Colin Firth, Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon, among others, were sent the letter along with a pin.

Glover collaborated with labor union Workers United to spread word about the effort, which includes an online petition for the public to sign, which will be delivered to attendees before Sunday night.

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