Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Why I adore you

Angenette, my wife, is on Spring Break this week. That added to the fact that my hours were recently cut at work, we have spent an ENORMOUS amount of time together since late Saturday afternoon. Granted, I had to work a few hours on Saturday night, this is still the most time that we have seen each other since she was on Christmas Break.

What a hectic schedule she has been keeping. Between being an educator for Fayette County Public Schools at LTMS as an 8th grade Science teacher/team leader and the classes that she has been taking to become a Certified Nurse Aide, she has been going non-stop for the last 6 weeks working on sitting in class for at least 8 hours a day.

Just when you think she has no more to give, she keeps going. We have accomplished so much in her first four days off. Yet, there is so much more that she would like to get done. Where does she get it from?
  • We finished hanging the border in the kid's room (At least all that we had. We need to go and get one more roll to finish it off with.).
  • Cleaned the main living areas of the house countless times. With two children and ALL the times that they have it is a seeming less endless process.
  • Went to Kroger and did a major grocery shop. Thanks to her meal planning, what could have easily been a two-hour long trip to the grocery was relatively quick. Unfortunately though, it was time to restock all of the essentials. We had to buy cleaning supplies, health and beauty products, etc. So it was of course, a drain on our already tight budget.  
  • Angenette has done probably eight loads of laundry plus our bedsheets which are still in the dryer now.
  • Today, I cleaned the front entrance to our apartment. I thought that maybe the maintenance men would come back and clean up the mess that they left behind after demolishing and rebuilding the balcony above us. But of course not.
  • She made my twin sister and I a chocolate cake with chocolate icing for our 27th birthday tomorrow.
Why do I mention all this? Because there has been no rest for my wife this week and that is actually what you are supposed to do on when you are on a break from work.. But due to the strained budget and the fact that we still have no car, we will be here at the house. Being the kind of women she is, my wife has decided to make the most of this.

She constantly amazes me with what she is capable of doing. She is the best thing to have ever happened to me. I love you Angenette!

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