Wednesday, May 5, 2010

4th-Grader Calls Disney Out On Signage Error

A fourth-grader with a keen eye for English spotted an error in Disney signage.

The girl vacationing in Orlando from Texas spotted a grammatical mistake on a sign at the theme park.

The Estes family was standing in line for the Primeval Whirl at the Animal Kingdom when Hannah spotted a sign that counted down to the ride.

Her mom said Hannah Estes started laughing when she read "one seconds."

"Because I learned in Ms. Bennett's class that a singular number can't be with a plural word, and so that's what it was, and it wasn't right," Hannah said.

"Immediately it clicked. You're right. So she had her little pink princess camera and she took a picture of it," mother Teri Estes said.

Hannah mailed her picture to Disney, and they wrote back saying it was a mistake that will be corrected soon.

Hannah said the best part of her discovery is being on TV.

Credits: WESH-TV, Orlando

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