Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pillow Talk

A bed is an interesting object. It's something we can all relate to. Almost everybody has one-whether it's a mat on the floor or a California King- unless they are experiencing some pretty unusual conditions. Another interesting aspect about beds is that they typically reveal us in our most transparent and unpretentious moments. We can wear a lot of disguises out in the world. We can pretend to be someone we're really not at work, at the gym, at a party, at the supermarket, and even at church. But when we go to bed, all semblance of superficiality is stripped away, and we become the person we really are. Our beds represent the most personal and private part of our lives. And it's here, in this place where our true colors are revealed, that the Psalmist calls us to meditate or dwell upon the things of God-who He is and what He's done. Why here? Why on our bed? Because God wants us to acknowledge and invite Him into every aspect of our lives, especially the most personal and private places. Nothing should be off limits to Him. And if that makes us uncomfortable, it's a sure sign that something is "off" in our lives and needs adjusting. If we can't be close to God in the place where we are most real, are we really ever close to God at all? We need to see our beds, the place of rest and repose from the world, as a sanctuary where God is invited, and not a place where we retreat from Him.

Father, may we invite you into every corner of our existence, and may you be our meditation day and night.

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