Thursday, July 11, 2013

NEWSFLASH... (Not really!)

This morning's "news" was not exactly newsworthy...

I have been spent quite a bit of time today thinking about the first four news stories I saw or heard when I got up this morning:

  • Sarah Palin is considering a run for office. When asked why, she told Fox News host, Sean Hannity that she has "considered it because people have requested me to consider it. But, I'm still waiting to see what the lineup will be..." Make of that what you will.
  • Whitney Houston's daughter, Bobbi Kristina is engaged to the young man whom she was raised with. The young man was taken in by Whitney Houston at an early age and grew up with the late singers daughter. Houston never adopted the young man but for some reason this is still just a bit creepy to me.
  • Justin Bieber sprayed cleaner fluid on a picture of Bill Clinton, then called the former President to apologize once he realized someone in his trusted entourage had a video and had "leaked" aka sold the video to the press.
  • Country singer Randy Travis suffered a stroke and underwent surgery to relieve pressure on his brain Wednesday evening.

I am not saying that these news stories are not worth reporting. I just find it alarming that of the four, all are pop culture type stories that held such prominent spots toward the beginning of the news report. A week from now, a vast majority of us will remain unaffected by these events.

So, tonight I will pray:

For Randy Travis' health.

That someone who is close to Justin Bieber and is truly concerned for his well-being realizes soon that the young man is spiraling out of control and headed in a very bad direction.

That someone equally as close to Whitney Houston's daughter makes sure that the young lady is properly grieving the death of her mother and that this engagement is truly what is in the best interest of the nineteen year old (and the young man who has been like a brother to her for all these years).

And finally, THAT SARAH PALIN DOES NOT RUN FOR OFFICE!!! ;) Just joking about that, kind of.

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