Friday, May 7, 2010

A short rant and plenty "to-do"

Yesterday was such and insanely busy, run around day. Thank goodness I had my mom's car to get the errands done. However, having their car was part of the reason that yesterday was such a frantic day. But, oh well. Yesterday is over and today is another beautiful day. Thank you LORD for seeing fit to open my eyes and get me on my way this morning.  Thank you for giving me another day with my soul mate and partner, Angenette. Thank you for two beautiful and healthy children. Thank you for the gift of family and friends. To GOD be the glory.

Today, I need to finish up the to-do list that I have leftover from Wednesday. Here is what it looks like with a few additions.
  1. Feed L&B breakfast
  2. Feed L&B lunch
  3. Get L&B down for a nap
  4. Give L&B a snack
  5. Clean the master bathroom
  6. Catch up on Google Reader
  7. Wash and dry bedclothes
  8. Put above mentioned bedclothes back on bed
  9. Finish folding and put away the white clothes and towels from Wednesday
  10. Clean out fridge
  11. Wash dishes
  12. Straighten living room and dining room
  13. Clean the stroller
  14. Sweep entryway
  15. Work on planning Lauryn's birthday party
  16. Call office about new lease, wood floors, blind (AGAIN)
Have a great day! More later!

- b

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