Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Super Mario Bros. has sold how many copies?

Super Mario Bros., the most classic of all Nintendo games, celebrates its 25th anniversary this week. In the quarter century that followed, the game's hero – a mustachioed, red-capped plumber – has appeared in more than 200 titles.

Mario is clearly a cash cow for Nintendo, a company that has always banked on nostalgia. How many copies are we talking about?

Nintendo says the original Super Mario Bros. has sold more than 40 million copies. Many of those came bundled with the Nintendo Entertainment System, but the number has ticked ever higher, thanks to re-releases and the Wii's virtual console.

But what if you added in all the "core" Mario titles? (Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, etc.) Roll 'em all up, and you've got 240 million copies sold. That's definitely enough coins to earn a 1-up.

Credits: Chris Gaylord, Christian Science Monitor

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