Sunday, July 15, 2012

"Keep on keepin' on"

The current time is 3:18 a.m. Another miserable day is gone and I am half-way through another long, dark, and lonely night full of pain, misery and emptiness. I have been so sick for so long that every day and night seem the same.

It has become so hard to pick myself up out of this dreary funk that I have allowed myself to sink into. But when I look at my wife and think of all the sacrifices that she has made and continues to make, I know I that I must fight on. When I look into my three and five-year-old's eyes and see all the hope, joy and excitement in their eyes, I know that I must fight on. That I must "keep on keeping on" because the four of us have so much still to experience together.

Angenette, Lauryn, and Ben: I love you with all my heart and I pray that I can continue to summon the energy to fight on. You are the reasons I have done so this long.


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