Friday, August 3, 2012

Enough with the Black Hair Obsession; Focus on What Matters: GABBY WON!

I learned of Gabby Douglas’s win on Facebook. But just a few posts down, I also learned about the derogatory comments about her hair. Yes, her hair! What a shame. The first African American female to win Olympic gold in the all-round gymnastics competition gets attacked online for her hairstyle.


Maybe you have read the negative comments online or maybe you haven’t. Needless to say, some people have nothing better to do than to demean others on social media.

I consider Gabby Douglas to be a role-model for young girls everywhere. Not only is she a gold medalist, but she’s also a young woman of faith. I’m sure I was just one of millions of people who heard her say she meditates on scripture to calm her nerves. If that’s not enough, she’s articulate, poised, and gracious –always giving her teammates props and deflecting the spotlight off of herself. I can’t wait to see her biography in the children’s section of the bookstore one day. Gabby Douglass will be on the cover, and I will purchase it for my daughter.

I know we don’t know her personal life, but the positive image she has portrayed on television for an entire week, should be enough for us to stop obsessing over her hair and to start celebrating her accomplishments. It’s time for us to focus on what really matters.

What matters is that we see what commitment and discipline will get you in life.

What matters is that other black girls can see someone who looks like them on prime time television , namely someone who isn’t cursing, shaking her rear-end, or fighting in the streets.

What matters is that Gabby Douglass broke the color barrier in world class sport.

Those things matter, not hair.

Sadly, people complain about disgraceful reality television shows that perpetuate stereotypes and promote negativity. But, when the true reality of a beautiful and successful young black woman graces our television screens, instead of celebrating her, we judge her.

A part of me hopes that Gabby doesn’t read the comments. But even if she does, I don’t think they would phase her. She’s already proven that in the face of opposition (and competition), she’s secure in her faith and confident in her ability to beat the odds.

Congratulations Gabby. We are proud of you!!!

Source: Black and Married With Kids

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