Friday, November 9, 2012

30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 8

(I'm still behind a day. Maybe I can post two today and get caught up.

Today I am thankful for teachers. Not just mine, but all teachers everywhere. I guess in some ways, that would include all of us, but for today's purposes, I am focusing on those who have worked and are presently working in educational institutions around this world.

Teachers help to mold and shape the minds of this world. They love and nurture their students. They spend countless hours preparing for their students and insane amounts of their own money on supplies. And let's not forget that a teacher's education does not stop at a Bachelor's Degree. Many teachers spend a good portion of their career, and again their own money, to continue to further their own education to higher levels of achievement because that is what is required.

More specifically though, I am most thankful this morning for the four teachers who must brave 27 degree (and colder) temps, rain, sleet, and snow to work the car lane at my five-year-old's elementary school. One teacher ensures that all children get across the crosswalk safely which connects the gymnasium to the main building while the other three open car doors and usher the children on into the building.

I am certain that at no point in getting a teaching degree did you take a course that taught you how to direct traffic and open car doors.

Thank you teachers for all that you do for all of us. You are truly the backbone of our society.

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